A list of services for doctors and nurses dealing with stress in the UK, both regional and national:

For doctors:

  1. BMA Counselling Service—24 hour telephone line staffed by accredited counsellors from the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (tel: 08459 200169)

  2. BMA Doctors for Doctors Service—Part of the BMA Counselling Service that enables doctors in distress or difficulty to speak in confidence to another doctor. The service is available to all doctors, is confidential, and is not linked to any other external or internal agencies (tel: 020 7383 6739; email: info.dfd@bma.org.uk). Telephone and face to face appointments are available.

  3. MedNet—Provides doctors and dentists working in the area covered by the London Deanery with practical advice about their career, emotional support, and access to brief or longer term psychotherapy. The service operates on a confidential basis (tel: 020 8938 2411; website: www.posts.londondeanery.ac.uk/specialty-training/mednet).

  4. Practitioner Health Programme—Newly launched, general practitioner led initiative offering free and confidential health care to any medical or dental practitioner living or working in the London area who has a mental health or addiction problem, or a physical health concern that may be affecting their work (www.php.nhs.uk)

  5. Doctors’ Support Network—Self help group for doctors with mental health concerns (www.dsn.org.uk)

  6. Royal Medical Benevolent Fund—Provides financial help for sick doctors (tel: 020 8540 9194; email: seniorcaseworker@rmbf.org; website: www.rmbf.org)

  7. Sick Doctors’ Trust—A proactive, self help organisation for addicted physicians (24 hour helpline: 0870 444 5163; website: www.sick-doctors-trust.co.uk)

For nurses:

  1. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has produced a handbook ‘Managing your stress – a guide for nurses’, which is available online.
  2. RCN stewards or safety representatives are available if you have professional or work related concerns. (Contact your local RCN office for more details).
  3. RCN Counselling offers you a confidential and professional short-term service, either face to face or by telephone, for any work-related or personal issues. An appointment with a counsellor can be made for you when you call. Telephone: 0845 769 706.

This list has been sourced from the BMA and the RCN websites.

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