NCEPOD are recruiting a multi-disciplinary group of healthcare professionals with a  working interest in Acute Heart Failure.

The primary aim will be to identify and explore avoidable and remediable factors in the process of care for patients admitted to hospital with acute heart failure.

Case reviewers will be asked to attend meetings during which they will assess case notes extracts and questionnaires and provide expert opinion on the care patients receive. A training day will be held on 18th May 2017 at a central London location. You would typically be required to attend 4 subsequent case reviewer meetings at the NCEPOD offices in London. Case Review meetings will begin in June 2017 and will run for approximately 6 months.

They are looking for clinicians from a wide variety of specialties, including (and not exclusive to) emergency medicine, cardiology, healthcare for the elderly, physicians in acute medicine, anaesthesia and acute pain, coronary care, intensive care medicine, nursing (including critical care), and surgery. They are aiming to recruit clinicians from different clinical grades including senior trainees (ST6 and above) and applicants should be in current clinical practice.
The deadline for all applications is 31st April 2017.
If you would be interested in acting as a Case Reviewer for this study please email to express your interest.
To find out more visit their website here:

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