The Non Medical Workforce Survey was undertaken in the autumn of 2015 following a request from the Clinical Reference Group for Adult Critical Care. It was the first time that a national survey has been undertaken to gather data from non- medical staff working within the speciality of critical care. The survey was carried out on behalf of the Critical Care National Network Nurse Leads Forum (CC3N) in conjunction with the Clinical Reference Group for Adult Critical Care.

The aim of the survey was to scope the current position and compliance of non medical workforce personnel against the commissioning standards incorporated within the draft Adult Critical Care Service Specification D05 (formerly D16). This was due to there being very little information available at a national level to assess the possible impact of instigating the professional standards through the commissioning framework and the pressures from both a cost and service perspective that may be incurred.

This report is a high level overview of the findings from information gathered from 10 professional groups who form part of the critical care multi-disciplinary team.

Download the report here (pdf):

National Critical Care NMWS Report 2016


Visit the CC3N website:


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