NCEPOD is undertaking a new study to identify and explore remediable factors in the process of care in the peri-operative management of surgical patients with diabetes. They are looking for ICS members to apply to be case note reviewers.

The study will be a retrospective review of patients who are admitted to hospital as an elective or emergency admission who have an ICD10 code for diabetes mellitus who have had at least a one night stay in hospital following a major surgery (from a list of OPCS codes) during a two month period.  Information will be obtained via questionnaires to the consultant surgeon and the responsible anaesthetist and an organisational questionnaire will be disseminated to all hospitals to collect data on the organisational structures in place to care for this group of patients. NCEPOD will also request case note extracts for peer review.

NCEPOD is looking for clinicians from a wide variety of specialties, including (but not exclusive to) surgeons,   anaesthetists,   intensivists,   diabetologists,   acute   physicians,   diabetes   specialist   nurses, pre-operative assessment nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and peri-operative physicians to  form  a  multidisciplinary  group  of  case  note  reviewers.  General  practitioners  will  also  be recruited for the review of primary care notes.

NCEPOD aims to recruit clinicians from different clinical grades including senior trainees (ST6 and above) and applicants should be in current clinical practice. The role of the case note reviewer is to provide an opinion on the patient care provided.  You would typically be required to attend around six meetings which run from approximately 10:00 – 16:00. These meetings will be held at the NCEPOD office in central London. Travel expenses will be paid and lunch and refreshments will be provided.  Case reviewer meetings will run from August 2017 until approximately May 2018.

Further information about this study including a copy of the study protocol can be found on the webpage:

If you would be interested in acting as a case note reviewer for this study please send a copy of your  CV  including  the  names  of  two  referees  to

The deadline for applications is 31st May 2017.

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