JICS is listed in PubMed .


 The Society’s journal, the Journal of the Intensive Care Society, has achieved the milestone of a PubMed listing.  Jeremy Groves considers the background and implications of the decision.

The Journal of the Intensive Care Society (JICS) has always had a bit of a place in my heart.  Not only has it published a couple of my articles (astute, discerning editors) but it is readable too.  The format is light and airy, it has a wide variety of papers and individuals from all the disciplines within our speciality contribute.

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Hospital Politics

Reporters: M Beed, G Suntharalingam, P Brindley

As results came in, it became clear that asking hospital staff for their opinion had backfired. Ms May, from the orthopaedic wing of the party, has been accused of fighting a lacklustre campaign, and there are calls for her to resign as Chief Surgeon. Ms May has taken responsibility and has sought support from eight little-known staff Anaesthetists Continue reading “Hospital Politics”

The Manchester Attack – A personal view

The amazing responses of the of the NHS to the recent atrocities & fire in Manchester and London is a testament to the dedication of the critical care teams as well as other medical staff in those hospitals involved.  An overriding desire to help when adversity struck was the hallmark of their attitude.  The last five years in the NHS has been punctuated with feelings of doom at times – not enough money, not enough staff, too much poorly considered change etc, etc. It’s all too easy to forget why we entered our professions in the first place.  This blog by Dr Andrew Bently, Clinical Director of the University of South Manchester adult critical care unit might help jog our memories.

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Wanted: Patient representatives for the Society’s Patients and Relatives Committee

One of the key principles underlying the National Health Service is that it aspires to ‘put patients at the heart of everything it does’.(1) This aim is reflected by the Society in its Patients and Relatives Committee.  The Committee provides an influential forum for patient centred discussion on issues pertaining to intensive care, and it advises external bodies as well as the Society itself. Continue reading “Wanted: Patient representatives for the Society’s Patients and Relatives Committee”

ICS Members wanted as Case Note Reviewers: NCEPOD study on “Peri-operative management of surgical patients with diabetes” DEADLINE CLOSING SOON

NCEPOD is undertaking a new study to identify and explore remediable factors in the process of care in the peri-operative management of surgical patients with diabetes. They are looking for ICS members to apply to be case note reviewers. Continue reading “ICS Members wanted as Case Note Reviewers: NCEPOD study on “Peri-operative management of surgical patients with diabetes” DEADLINE CLOSING SOON”

Are We Innovators?


by Craig Brown

I was speaking to a colleague recently who reflected that it appears we have been through the age of research, then came the age of standards and now we appear to be moving into “the age of innovation” in the NHS.

It was an interesting comment and perhaps picks up the zeitgeist where we have seen the development of “Quality Improvement” initiatives, sometimes on a local scale and sometimes on a regional or national level. The growth and expansion of Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) supports this regional transformation through platforms for education, supporting system wide projects and attempting to link innovators with the appropriate clinicians. Continue reading “Are We Innovators?”

Regulation 28: Report to Prevent Future Deaths February 2017

from the Legal and Ethical Policy Unit (LEPU)

The Intensive Care Society wishes to draw its members attention to the recent Coroner’s report into the events surrounding the death of a patient. The patient was admitted to hospital having suffered a stroke, and went on to develop malignant middle cerebral artery syndrome Continue reading “Regulation 28: Report to Prevent Future Deaths February 2017”