The Society and UK Critical Care Research

Jeremy Groves, ICS Council Member, took the opportunity to attend the Society’s Foundation Board and Research Committee meetings in January and looks at the Society’s contribution and commitment to UK Critical Care Research.


I’ve always been a believer in evidence based medicine. However, in day to day practice one hears lots of opinion about best practice but, as fallible humans, much of what we believe is not born out by the facts.

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New hope for sepsis treatment


By Helle Sorensen, Communications Officer, Intensive Care Society

Major award goes to director of research at the Intensive Care Foundation. On 27 June 2016 a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Research Professorship was awarded to an Intensive Care Medicine professional for only the second time since its launch in 2011. The award was given to one of the leading researchers in sepsis treatment, Professor Anthony Gordon.

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