JICS is listed in PubMed .


 The Society’s journal, the Journal of the Intensive Care Society, has achieved the milestone of a PubMed listing.  Jeremy Groves considers the background and implications of the decision.

The Journal of the Intensive Care Society (JICS) has always had a bit of a place in my heart.  Not only has it published a couple of my articles (astute, discerning editors) but it is readable too.  The format is light and airy, it has a wide variety of papers and individuals from all the disciplines within our speciality contribute.

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How to predict delirium?


Jeremy Groves, Consultant Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

Picks from JICS. Judging by the comments I get from patients on my follow up rounds, delirium can be a terrifying experience.  It can also lead to anxiety and guilt when orientation returns.  Perception by delirious patients can include believing that the staff are ‘secret police’ with malign intent, or aliens who have invaded the critical care unit to snatch souls, which are frightening for the individuals concerned and present a challenge for staff to manage.

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In JICS: The gift of speech


By Jeremy Groves, Member of Council

One of my many deficiencies is an inability to lip read.  Helplessness overcomes me as I try to understand patients with tracheostomies mouthing words, but I suspect my frustration is as nothing compared to theirs. I was thus intrigued to read in February’s JICS about a simple technique that could help in such situations.

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