The Society and UK Critical Care Research

Jeremy Groves, ICS Council Member, took the opportunity to attend the Society’s Foundation Board and Research Committee meetings in January and looks at the Society’s contribution and commitment to UK Critical Care Research.


I’ve always been a believer in evidence based medicine. However, in day to day practice one hears lots of opinion about best practice but, as fallible humans, much of what we believe is not born out by the facts.

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Serious Hazards of Transfusion Report

Jeremy Groves, ICS Council representative on the SHOT Steering Group, reflects on their latest report.


One of the great things about being on the ICS Council is the privilege of being able to represent the profession on various national committees.  Committees aren’t every ones cup of tea of course and when at a recent Council meeting, a vacancy came up for an ICS representative on the SHOT committee, everyone suddenly seemed more interested in their computers.

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Rehabilitation after critical illness in adults

Gill Sharpe

Gillian Sharpe, Lead Critical Care Physiotherapist, Chesterfield Royal Hospital, welcomes the update on NICE Quality Standard CG83 and the increased focus on rehabilitation of the critically ill it will bring.

Historically, mortality rates have been the main indicator of success following critical illness. Healthcare professionals working with the critically ill however, have long recognized that many of those who survive are left with significant physical and non-physical morbidity and often face a lengthy convalescence.

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